Terms & Conditions

Welcome to the Sludgeface website. Our products are sold to you subject to the terms and conditions listed on this page. In the use of this website you signify your agreement to be subject to these terms and conditions, which may at any time be amended with website updates without any prior notice. We reserve the right to close and update this website in part or in full and any of its content without any prior notice. Any updates to the terms and conditions or content takes effect from the time of updating. 


Product pricing may be changed or amended at any time without prior notice with the change coming into effect from the time of amendment.

All product pricing is inclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT) at the rate of 23%.

 All pricing is in Euro € and will be shown on invoices as such.

Total price shown on invoice is inclusive of delivery charge and VAT at 23%.


If the sole item for an order is not available at the time the order is placed the customer shall be promptly notified and is entitled to a refund, credit note or substitute with an available item of the same price.

If part of an order is not available at the time the order is placed the customer shall be promptly notified and will have 4 options to choose from.

1. Refund for this item.

2. Credit note for this item with separate shipping cost incurred by the customer.

3. Delayed delivery of full order until this item becomes available

4. Substitute unavailable item with available item of the same cost.

Sludgeface reserves the right to substitute print materials or T-shirts for any design without any prior notice to the customer should it be required.


Dates and times given for delivery are an estimation only. The customer is still obliged to accept delivery and provide full payment for an order if it is delivered within the EU regulated 30 days from time the order was placed, unless alternative arrangement has been made between Sludgeface and the customer.

Sludgeface assumes no liability for any loss or damage incurred to or related with the order in transit.

Limited insurance is provided by the carrier for registered domestic delivery service but is not provided for standard domestic deliver service.

Cancellation of order 

Sludgeface reserves the right to cancel in part or full any part of an order before being processed for delivery. In such cases the customer shall be immediately notified and arrangements made for a refund within 7 days of notification unless an alternative arrangement has been made.

The customer may not cancel their order once the order has been processed for delivery.

A limited time is available before a customer’s order is processed for delivery where they may cancel for a full refund but this is solely dependent on if the order has yet been processed for delivery. If the order is not cancelled before order is processed for delivery the 14 day cooling off period applies.

A customer may not amend their order once the order has been processed.

The customer shall be liable to pay any extra costs or expenses for amending an order and will be notified of these costs prior to the order being amended.

Facebook Competitions

1. By entering a competition entrants agree to the following terms and conditions.

2. Entrants must be 16 years of age or over at the time of entrance unless otherwise stated.

3. There is no entrance fee and no purchases are required to enter a Sludgface Facebook competition.

4. Winners will be chosen at random using a name generator unless otherwise stated.

5. Sludgeface reserves the right to disqualify any entrants deemed to have violated any of the terms and conditions.

6. Sludgeface reserves the right to close or discontinue any competition without prior notice or reason before a winner has been chosen.

7. Competition winners will not be contacted prior to their winning being announced on facebook after their name has been drawn.

8. After the competition winner has been announced on facebook they will be contacted via PM on facebook by Sludgeface.

9. Competition winners are presumed to be willing and able to par take in any sludgeface media related to the wining of the competition.

10. If for any reason a competition winner is unable to accept the prize on offer the name generator will be run again using the competition entrant’s names and a new winner will be chosen etc.

11. Any possible expenses incurred in relation to winning a competition e.g. But not confined to accommodation, spending, travel costs or any additional costs are the sole responsibility of the competition winner unless otherwise stated.

12. Sludgeface takes no responsibility for any loss or damage in any form or any personal injury incurred or sustained in relation to or in connection with any of our competitions or prises.

Hours Of Operation

Our standard hours of operation in terms of customer service are Monday to Friday 10am-5pm.

Online orders can be placed 24/7.

Sludgeface reserves the right to close down its online order facility without prior notice for an unspecified period of time.

In general notification will be given if Sludgeface.com is to close for a period of time e.g. but not limited to the Christmas and New Year period.

Custom Order Terms & Conditions


Sludgeface will gladly do up samples of your desired garment for your consideration prior to any order being placed.
The time frame for receiving your samples may vary from between 2-14 working days depending on stock levels and the desired method of customization. 

Unless otherwise agreed upon the client requesting the sample is expected to cover the minimum production cost and delivery of any samples with these costs refundable upon placement of the order.

The client will be notified of the above prior to sample production.


All custom orders carried out by Sludgeface are paid in two parts unless otherwise agreed upon.

Payment Part One is paid once the client is happy with the previews, mock ups, time frame and terms & conditions of their order.

Custom orders do not begin processing until Payment Part One is received.

Payment Part Two for the remainder of the full balance is to be paid prior to shipping or delivery of any custom order. ?


On average the turnaround time of any custom order is between 10-14 working days though depending on stock levels and method of customization it may be quicker.

Clients will be notified of their predicted order turnaround time before they place their order.

The length of the turnaround time is counted from the day that Payment Part One is received and the order begins being processed.


The pricing of each custom order is done on an individual order basis.

The pricing of an order a client may have previously received might vary on subsequent orders of the same garments depending upon factors such as Sterling (£) to Euro exchange rate, varying supplier prices and fluctuating costs of production.

Order Cancellation

Prior to any payments on your order being made regardless of samples received you may cancel you order at any time and incur no costs barring the costs of samples if you have received any.

If Payment Part One of your order has been made and you manage to quickly cancel your order before it begins processing you will receive a full refund.

If Payment Part One of your order has been made and your order has begun processing you may cancel your order without incurring the cost of Payment Part Two but are not entitled to a refund of any amount.

If you wish to cancel your order after Payment Part One & Two have been made prior to the delivery of your garments you are not entitled to a refund of any amount.


Under EU law the conventional 14 days cooling off refund period does not apply to custom clothing that has been personalized for a specific use.

Refunds or Exchanges of any custom clothing only applies if the goods are damaged or faulty.