In charge of organising hoodies for a class end of year? We have you covered!


Large Range and Styles to Choose From


Artwork design included with no hidden fees


We will make sure they are done on time!

School Hoodie Styles

Here are some sample designs which can be used, but we are not limited to these and can cater to any ideas you have as well as including students names into the designs.

Budget-Hoodie Printing
Lightweight/Medium Weight
Contrast Hoodie Printing
Contrast Hood and Cords
Zipped Hoodie Printing
Lightweight/Medium Weight Zipped
Overhead-High-Quality Hoodies
High Quality triple lined hood
High-Quality-Zipped Hoodies
High  Quality Zipped  triple lined hood
Overhead-High-Quality coloured Hood
High Quality triple lined coloured hood

Pre-Made School Design Styles

School Graduation Designs


We can supply a vast range of T-Shirts also should School Hoodies not be what you are looking for. All designs can be printed on T-Shirts.

And of course the person organising gets theirs for free!!